August 7th: Artist: Various, Title: Hawaiian Slack Key Guitar Masters Collection 1

For the final session of the summer, we decided to pick some truly unique music. Listen to the sweet, dulcid tones of a collection of incredible artists in Hawaiian Slack Key Guitar Masters Collection 1. You’ll agree that it is the best music for sitting outside and enjoying the weather and a great way to end the summer.

You can find this CD with the call number: CD World Hawaii INS

Thanks everyone for being a part of the Quiet Music Reading Hour. See you around.

July 10th: Artist: J.S. Bach, Performer: Sharon Isbin, Album: Complete Lute Series

The theme for this week was Classical Guitar. Sharon Isbin does a masterful job interpreting Bach’s Lute pieces on guitar for a meditative as well as engaging listening experience. Hear for yourself:

The call number for this CD is: CD Classic BAC #5

June 26th: Artist: Ludwig van Beethoven, Performer: John O’Conor, Album: Beethoven Piano Sonatas Vol. 4

The theme for this one was Classical Piano. We chose some of Beethoven’s lesser known and under-appreciated sonatas as played masterfully by John O’Conor.

Here is a song.

The call number for this album is: CD Classical BEE

QMRH: Your Hour Of Sanity

The Quiet Music Reading Hour is a program to promote Read to the Rhythm, the theme to the Wheaton Public Library‘s summer reading program. We will play quiet, wordless music in our Quiet Reading Room from different genres in our music collection. The purpose of this blog is to post which music we have featured for each session and where you can find it in the library.

Look for the QMRH schedule posted on the doors of the Quiet Reading Room.